Carboxyl nitrile latex or XNBRL, milky liquid,Its stability is better than that of natural rubber latex.   Products are mainly used to produce oil resistant gloves.   Relative density 0.991 ~ 1.050. Acrylonitrile content > 33%. Surface tension < 48 mn/m.

       Dongying jiuzhou Mr Hua chemical co., LTD., the Yellow River estuary is located in the beautiful city - dongying city, the production site victory in dongying city economic development zone, on June 28, 2004 in dongying city bureau of industry and commerce registration, the registered capital is 200 million yuan RMB. Business scope: mainly engaged in the carboxyl nitrile latex, rubber products production and sales. The existing staff of 150 people. Among them, the senior technical personnel 13 people, intermediate technical personnel 29 people. Company has office, finance, production branch institutions, laboratories, security section, supply and marketing section.

       Our company produces the carboxyl nitrile latex by butadiene, acrylonitrile and methyl acrylic acid and other chemical made of special latex polymerization. The product is used for making medical gloves, work gloves, rubber powder, dyeing factory, paper mill, the condom products such as the main raw material. My company was established in 2004, independently developed a variety of carboxyl nitrile latex and perfect the product formula, production technology and production with independent intellectual property rights, to satisfy the demand for such products for foreign companies. Carboxyl nitrile latex is a kind of industry with high technical content, the carboxyl nitrile latex domestic demand is also very big. My company on 150 kt/A latex plant construction projects independently design combined with other advanced technology at home and abroad. My company's product quality has been among the world top. To export tax rebates for enterprises, and to the provincial high-tech enterprises, our products are in short supply, the market prospect is very good.

       Company after years of efforts, has established a large customer base and an outside agency. Customers all over the motherland, great river north and south. Company reputation and popularity rise sharply, the product quality by the unanimous esteem and praise. Our company will continue to intensify research in this field, the company bigger and stronger, continue to steadily forward.........

      Jiuzhou Mr China is willing to work with your sincere cooperation and common development.

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